Our Company

This family business originates from a project aiming to address the personal needs of the founders, who are avid hunters and also entrepreneurs specializing in the manufacturing of advanced products.

Lamoureux & Sons’s mission is to offer connaisseurs precision instruments that are worthy of the greatest moments in their life.

Our Products

LAMOUREUX & SONS knives are handcrafted by craftsmen from Quebec, Canada. The fabrication of each piece is comprised of more than 60 steps and numerous quality controls. All blades are made from S-30V stainless steel sourced from the reputed foundries of Crucible Steels. This alloy is one of the best performing in terms of cutting while maintaining its edge remarkably. Hand guards are crafted from Type 416 stainless steel, this alloy being used for its rigidity and resistance to corrosion. The handles all have ergonomic design features and are sculpted from either cocobolo or Madagascar Ebony, two wood species carefully selected for their hardness, resistance and mostly for their high oil contents which renders our handles stable and virtually impossible to rot. The unique shape of each model’s handle has been studied and developed to provide a comfortable and safe grip in hand during each model’s specific intended use. The handles are secured to the blade permanently using distinctive decorative rivet pins. Every piece is protected by a full-grain leather sheath, hand-stitched by our craftsmen.


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